Body Contouring with Laser Lipo from Body Slender Laser Center

Our advanced Laser Lipo body contouring treatments directly target the adipocyte fat cells. The Laser Lipo stimulates and opens the pores on the cell wall allowing the stored fat to be released.

The fat cells IMMEDIATELY shrink in size. The contents are then safely eliminated by the body’s natural metabolic processes.

The Laser Lipo treatments are an FDA Approved, Safe and Non-Invasive alternative to surgical  processes like lipo suction and are producing amazing results for many individuals.*

Reduce Fat; Take Inches Off Problem Areas!

Achieve visible results on the first treatment .. Our Laser Lipo System is effective in treating many areas prone to fat, reducing fat cells and creating inch loss in those hard to lose areas, including:

• Stomach and Abdomen • Muffin Tops
• Thighs • Buttocks • Hips
• Back • Under Arms • Male Chest

Actual Patient at Body Slender Laser Center

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Safe, Effective and FDA Approved

Come in and enjoy the relaxing Laser Lipo Treatments:

• No pain or discomfort
• No anesthesia or drugs
• No bruising
• No recovery time
• Non-surgical process
• Immediate return to activities or work
• The Treatment takes as little as 10 minutes

*Results may vary from one individual to another.